News Alert! Swenson Shear Revises Distributor Program

Calling all distributors!

We have revamped the distributor program to create a more efficient, systemized process to help our members capitalize on sales and make the ordering process easier. But it doesn’t end there — stay tuned, you won’t want to miss the latest news and deals!

Here’s how we’re streamlining our distributor program.

New Shear Sales Through Distributors Only

We will now redirect all shear sale inquiries to the distributor nearest the customer.

“Our goal is to help members make the most profit when selling our tools,” says Swenson Shear’s National Sales Manager, Morgan Aue. “By connecting leads with corresponding distributors, our members will be able to make the most of the program and capitalize on sales.”

New P.O. Process For Easy Ordering

Our new P.O. process makes Swenson Shear orders seamless. We designed a universal distributor form for the M42 Pivot Shear in order to eliminate follow-up calls for missing information that might delay orders. This change allows the Swenson Shear team to move into production as soon as we receive the P.O. form.


Important Friendly Reminders:

  • P.O. form is designed for M42 Pivots Shear orders only. 
  • M42 Pivot Shears are only sold in bulk packages and require a minimum order of five. Ask us for more pricing info! 
  • Distributors will receive discounts and credit for sales by submitting a P.O. form. We don’t offer benefits for referring a customer.
  • To learn more about member categories click here.

Ready to restock your order? Fill out your new P.O. form and send it to our National Sales Manager Morgan Aue. For product information, visit our website or give us a call at (877) 588-8748.

Upcoming Trade Shows:

October 18-20, 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth # 807
Metalcon provides the most (and best!) industry-relevant learning experiences in the world. Gain knowledge, tools, and techniques that elevate your business and raise your standard.

Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2017 – Toronto, Canada
Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building
Booth # 1231

The 29th Annual Construct Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 29 – December 1,2017 will be held concurrently with PM Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo and World of Concrete Pavilion in the South Building, and IIDEXCanada in the North Building. All shows combined will create The Buildings Show, North America’s largest expositions, networking and educational event. Visit 1,600+ exhibits, including 100+ international exhibitors, bringing the latest in design and construction innovation in products, technologies, best practices and applications.

January 16-18, 2018 – Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Convention Center
Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association is the voice of the roofing and sheet metal industry in North and South Carolina. Since 1943, the organization has worked to promote and safeguard the common business interests of its members through education, public advocacy, programs and services, and providing a forum for networking. CRSMCA is affiliated with the National Roofing Contractors Association.

February 6-8, 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
We look forward to seeing you next year in New Orleans!

February 14 – 16, 2018 – Columbus, OH
Hilton Columbus Downtown and Greater Columbus Convention Center
401 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43215


March 28 – 29, 2017
Seaport World Trade Center
Boston, Massachusetts
Booths # 712, 714, 716
NERCA is the regional association for the roof contractor covering the northeast part of the country. Our territory includes: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Delaware. We maintain relationships with national organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and other major roof industry players. We also host one of the largest regional trade show’s in the country.


Deal Alert: Fall Trade Show Special!

Save $1,500 on the Towable SnapTable Pro or Get a Free Notcher Set! 

The Swenson Shear team traveled to Big Sky, Montana to work with Aqua Block Roofing. Check out our video!

For every Towable SnapTable Pro purchase, customers can pick oneof our personalized trade show deals. Purchase the machine at a discounted rate of $16,495 or receive a free notcher set with every Towable SnapTable Pro purchased at the retail price of $17,995. Our notcher sets are valued at $3,495 – the savings don’t get better than that!

Free Blade Set With Any Shear Purchase!
*Note: M42 Pivot Shear only sold in bulk packages. Minimum purchase of 5 required. 






Fall is right around the corner and Swenson Shear is eagerly preparing for the upcoming events. Are you planning to attend one of these trade shows? Visit our booth to view product demonstrations and to learn how our tools will help make you money at every job site with many hours saved.

How long are the show specials running?
Today through October 31, 2017.

Can’t make it to the show?
No problem! Our trade show deals apply to anyone who makes a purchase during the sale period.

Time is limited! Contact us today to lock in your trade show special. For product information, please call our National Sales Manager, Morgan at (877) 588-8748 or email

Swenson Shear’s Towable SnapTable Pro Cuts Time, Costs, and Metal

What’s the better deal: asphalt shingles or metal roofs?

While most potential customers believe asphalt shingles are the only inexpensive roofing choice available, many homeowners have discovered that due to their superior durability and reliability, the initial cost outlay for standing seam metal roofs will result in a greater pay off in the long run. After all, proper maintenance will keep metal roofs in great shape for 30 to 50 years. But when roofers invest in cutting-edge roofing equipment, installations can be made less expensive, and may bring them one step further to closing that metal roof deal.

The newest innovation in metal roofing:

Swenson Shear offers a variety of innovative tools designed to speed processes, improve quality, and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation. But there is nothing like Swenson Shear’s Towable SnapTable Pro, the all-in-one preparation system for standing seam metal roofing that provides roofers with an even more cost-effective way to install metal roofs.

The Towable SnapTable Pro is a fantastic investment for roofers. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and available only through Swenson Shear, the Towable SnapTable Pro provides the highest quality notching, slitting, and hemming for any commercial, industrial, or residential job, virtually paying for itself in 250 square cuts (25,000 sq. ft.) – and even faster with valley cuts! In addition, it will save you an average of 35% in labor costs. Because of the life of the machine, you’ll end up with a 25-40% return on investment. The Towable SnapTable Pro is the all-in-one panel preparation system for standing seam metal roofing you have been looking for to make your installations easier and more economical. You simply cannot afford not to have this cutting-edge metal-cutting machine.

The Towable Snap Table Pro not only ensures precision while accommodating panels between 12” and 24”, but it is also equipped to notch, slit, and hem up to 60” offsets for hip-valley roofing cuts. This metal roofing innovation is ideal for lite to 20-gauge panel thickness, including Cor-Ten (1”, 1½ “), Nail Strip (1”, 1½”, 1¾”), SnapLock (1”, 1½”, 2”), Mechanical Seam, and Zip-Rib, just to name a few. In addition, the towable option meets Department of Transportation standards, is powder-coated with a two-inch ball hitch, and weighs approximately 1,800 lbs.

So, the question is, would you prefer to continue doing everything by hand, or are you ready to have a competitive advantage? Improve quality, cut costs, save time, bid on more jobs, and bring in more customers. The choice is clear, bring in the Snap Table Pro form Swenson Shear!

To learn more about how Swenson Shear can help your roofing company save time and money, request a quote by clicking here, or contact Morgan via email at or phone at (209) 417-1582.

A History Packed with Innovation

Knowing a business’s history helps consumers understand its values and motivation—the foundation of any successful organization. For nearly sixty years, Swenson Shear has been a leader in providing solutions to roofing and construction contractors. The company’s history is full of new products, new markets, and continuous growth. Since 1959, Swenson Shear has manufactured high-quality, heavy duty metal panel cutting tools and all-in-one finishing tables to valued customers.

Swenson Shear is committed to long-lasting business relationships based on 100% customer satisfaction and constant product innovation—and has been since 1959. Today, the business enjoys its position as the number one international provider of metal roof cutting tools. Below are a few highlights of Swenson Shear history:

  • 1959: The Original Swenson Shear was first manufactured in Ceres, California
  • 1968: The first Swenson Shear shipped internationally to Germany
  • 1997: Swenson Shear world headquarters was built in Ceres, California
  • 2001: Swenson Shear acquired Swift Cut and launched the new interchangeable blade shears
  • 2002: Swenson Shear launched the original SnapTable
  • 2005: Swenson Shear launched the Model 64 Hip/Valley Roofing Shear
  • 2007: Swenson Shear launched the Hemmer
  • 2009: Swenson Shear launched the Eave/Valley Hemmer
  • 2013: Swenson Shear launched the SnapTable HD
  • 2016: The Towable SnapTable Pro was officially launched. It has quickly grown to be Swenson Shear’s best-selling product, as it is the only tool like it on the market
  • 2017: The Eave Master, the perfect complement to its Towable SnapTable Pro, debuted

Continued innovation, consistent product updates, and completely new tools are the foundation of Swenson Shear’s long-standing work to increase quality, save money, and improve safety in the roofing industry. Swenson Shear is continually looking for ways to improve its products and provide the best service to its customers. Swenson Shear holds numerous patents, leaving competitors in the rear-view mirror.

Swenson Shear has faced its share of business challenges over the course of the company’s history. The learning curve in designing and manufacturing products can be difficult to climb when it comes to creating a new product for the first time—and communicating its benefits to the market. In the end, however, the hard work is worth it. Through various product iterations and tests, Swenson Shear has seen its offerings become the “go-to” for contractors. Roofers understand Swenson Shear products increase the quality of their finished metal roofs while also saving their time and money.

The CEO of Swenson Shear said it best: “As a company, we work as a team to grow our business and overcome these challenges. Our shop team works tirelessly to improve quality and ease of use. Our marketing and sales team diligently works on reaching out to customers and inform them of the capabilities of our machines—all while providing the best customer service before, during and after purchase.”

Swenson Shear is proud of its history. Innovative tools from Swenson Shear speed up the process and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation. To learn more, visit today.

Proud to be American-Made

Since 1959, Swenson Shear has proudly produced its goods in America, using only the best materials. From conception—to design—to manufacturing, Swenson Shear understands the value of high-quality products that exceed the needs of the construction industry. Manufacturers who keep their production in-house provide higher quality products, produce more efficient goods, and experience higher customer satisfaction.

According to Consumer Reports, 78% of Americans would prefer to buy an American-made product when given a choice between an overseas-made product and an identical American-made one. Swenson Shear has handled all aspects of their tools in the Central Valley of California, since its inception. These products speed the process, improve the quality, and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation in building construction industries. 

80% of Americans who prefer American-made products cite keeping manufacturing jobs in the US as a strong reason for buying American. Outsourcing may appeal to companies for a variety of benefits, but those benefits don’t outweigh the costs in the long run. It creates business challenges regarding customer relationships, quality measures, and innovation. By producing all items in-house, Swenson Shear can quickly assist builders with most issues that could arise.

When you are on a job, do you want knock off tools sent here from overseas or do you want tools crafted with the highest American standards? Swenson Shear is the only maker of their tools, allowing roofers to have the very best. Competitors who create similar products lack the same perfectionism. Swenson Shear prides itself on its quality and its ability to quickly make product improvements.

See the time-saving benefits Prime Roofing has enjoyed from their Swenson Shear purchases. By leveraging the exceptional quality of their roofing supplies, Prime Roofing is providing its customers with the best materials in the business. Plus, the equipment enables them to provide superior installation while saving hours of labor costs.

Swenson Shear is proud to create American-made goods that speed up and simplify the process of metal panel preparation and installation. Roofers and building suppliers want to know where their products are made, and they prefer those made in the U.S.A. Swenson Shear is proud to be 100% American. They always manufacture high-quality, heavy-duty metal panel cutting tools and all-in-one finishing.

To learn more about Swenson Shear and its all-American approach to manufacturing and service, visit our website today!

Morgan Aue: Building the Business, One Partnership at a Time

In today’s fast-paced, high-octane marketplace, it’s easy to lose sight of the individual customer. Finding a leader passionate about customer service is a challenge—which is why Swenson Shear is thrilled to have Morgan Aue as Director of North American Sales.

Morgan took control of the sales department at the end of last year. By putting the focus on each client, answering his or her needs with a custom-fit solution, Morgan has successfully increased sales by 50%!

Morgan credits her success to a genuine interest in people—a desire to make a difference when and where she can. “I’ve always known that I wanted to help people in some way or another,” she says, when asked about her recent achievements. “While on the phone with roofing contractors, I get to listen to understand what types of projects they do, and from there provide a tool that will help them not only get the job done quicker, but more efficiently as well.” Her job, she explains, is to make other people’s jobs easier. According to Morgan, it’s a rewarding—not to mention, fun—line of work to be in.

The new sales director wouldn’t be capable of giving such individualized service, of course, if she didn’t know Swenson Shear’s product line forwards and backwards—a knowledge she’s gained by persistent study and effort. “Morgan’s work ethic separates her from any other sales person we have had at Swenson Shear,” says CEO Jonathan Dravecky. “She is the first in the door in the morning, and the last to leave every night. The effort that Morgan puts in to her work, and gaining knowledge on our industry, is contagious to the rest of our team.”

For Morgan, success in sales is all about building relationships, something that takes time as well as patience. “I enjoy taking care of my customers,” she says, “I enjoy the conversations.” The best conversations of all, in Morgan’s opinion, are those that occur after a customer has used a Swenson Shear product for the very first time. “We get a lot of, where has this tool been all of my life?” she says with a laugh, “or, I am SO happy with this product, I need one for each of my crews.”

With the entire Swenson Shear portfolio at her disposal, Morgan is literally changing the way contractors prep and install metal roofing, and they are thanking her for it.

As Director of North American Sales, Morgan sees big things on the horizon for Swenson Shear. “What I am looking forward to most is working alongside JD and the team as we take the company to the next level.” Such confidence stems from her belief in the company’s proven product line: “I know how easy the tools are to use, I have heard the testimonials. This is what keeps me going and pushes me even harder to contact as many people as possible to offer something that’s truly life changing.”

Prior to joining the Swenson Shear team in April of 2015, Morgan worked as the Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the City of Turlock, where she managed local information, merchandise, marketing, and sales. Before that, Morgan was based in Merced and a member of the Acosta Proctor and Gamble Sales and Marketing department, with responsibilities in third-party sales placements, customer service, and fulfillment in grocery chain stores throughout California. Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Human Services from California State University, Stanislaus. She earned an AA in Liberal Arts from Merced College and attended Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho.

To learn more about Swenson Shear and its team of talented professionals, visit us online today!

Have You Heard? Swenson Shear is Now Offering Distributor Deals

Swenson Shear’s Distributor Program is live and running in full effect. We’re offering three full-service distributor partnership levels: Starter Level, Master Level, and Territory Champion. With these three options there is certainly a package that makes sense for everybody.

Have you heard? Our partners receive price breaks on our entire line of products. That’s right, the program level doesn’t matter here – all you have to do to benefit from this opportunity is become a member of our Distributor Program. We designed this partnership to fit the needs of your company, so whether you are looking to rent or sell our tools, Swenson Shear is behind you 100%.

Distributor Program Tools

Towable SnapTable Pro

  • All-in-one panel preparation system designed 
    to consistently notch, cut,
    and hem snap lock and standing seam profiles from 12”-24” and up to 60″ offsets
  • Powder coated with a two-inch ball hitch
  • Leveling jacks are include

Any manufacturers snap lock or standing seam profiles are compatible with the Towable SnapTable Pro or Eave Master!

Eave Master

  • Panel preparation system designed to notch and hem eave cuts on 12”-24” panel profiles 
  • Inch ruler on notchers allows for an easy-to-measure hem line
  • Quick change notching station for right and left panel runs
  • Pickup bed transportable, weighing just 125 lbs.
  • Perfect complement to the Towable SnapTable Pro

M42 Pivot Shear 

  • Used to cut light gauge exposed fastener panels
  • 42” blade length
  • Shears panels straight at 90 degrees and up to a 5/12 gable with additional blade sets
  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Offered exclusively for distributor partners

Our final question…what are you waiting for? To learn more about our products, check out our YouTube Channel and give our National Sales Manager a call at (877) 588-8748 or email

New Product Alert! Introducing the Eave Master!

Swenson Shear is proud to introduce the Eave Master. This durable machine is the latest addition to the SnapTable collection and is designed to notch and hem eave cuts. The Eave Master provides a consistent cut on straight runs and is perfect for use in any commercial job.

Check out our video!

What makes the Eave Master an exceptional choice for contractors?

  • NOTCH AND HEM your panel eaves in seconds
  • Inch ruler on notchers allows for an easy-to-measure hem line
  • Quick change notching station for right and left panel runs
  • Lightweight machine can be manually lifted by two people
  • Perfect complement to the Towable SnapTable Pro

The Eave Master features an adjustable table to accommodate panel widths between 12”-24”. It is lightweight — a mere 125 pounds. Metal roof installers can easily transport the Eave Master in a pickup truck bed when traveling from one jobsite to another.

The Eave Master, proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. To learn about financing options, please contact Swenson Shear’s National Sales Manager, Morgan at (877) 588-8748, email, or visit

Introducing the Swenson Shear Distributor Media Kit

Need materials to market Swenson Shears’ specialty roofing tools? We’re here to help. Our new Media Kit, now available to all members of our distributor program, is your one-stop marketing resource.

The Media Kit includes full-page flyers and postcards for our entire product line. As a bonus, we added a press release and distributor printing instructions. All collateral material is print-ready — all distributors have to do is contact their local printing vendors to work out the details.  

The media kit has three sections:

Distributor Postcards
Distributor Flyers
Distributor Downloading Instructions

“We’ve listened to our large-scale distribution customers. Whether you’re looking to rent or sell our products, we’re 100% behind your efforts to distribute to customers and help you sell them. It’s our pleasure to offer distributor price breaks on our pivot shears and snaptables.”

— Jonathan Dravecky, CEO 

Now is the time to become an official Swenson Shear distributor! For more information, please visit, email, or contact our national sales manager at (877) 588-8748.